How to Measure Your Body for Sizing Shakuhachi

Of course, it’s ideal to play shakuhachi of a size that best fits your body. With that said, you and many others may also wish or need to play shakuhachi that are on the larger side for them. Indeed, the majority of people prefer such deeper sounding, and thus longer shakuhachi. As a result, I’ve helped countless people with figuring out what sizes of shakuhachi they can safely play. I’ve also taught just as many people how to properly play larger shakuhachi. I’m happy to share this information with you here so that you can figure out what sizes of shakuhachi you can hope to play comfortably and safely.

The photos below show all of the measurements I ask of people for sizing shakuhachi. With these measurements I can determine your ideal shakuhachi length, your safe maximum, and your absolute ergonomic limit (only recommend for advanced players and for shorter playing sessions).

All of the finger measurements should be done with a solid ruler laying flat on a table. Your hand and fingers should be pressed down lightly. Only one side of your body needs to be measured, that is, unless there are differences between one side of your body and the other. Finally, send me your measurements and I’ll be happy to let you know what sizes of shakuhachi will work for you.