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Jinashi & Jimori – natural bamboo bore

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Note: 3/19/2024 – I’ve moved to Europe and we’re still looking for a home. I’m hoping to be settled and have new shakuhachi available for sale by mid to late summer. Thank you for waiting!

Here you’ll find my handcrafted shakuhachi for sale, including the world renown Bell Shakuhachi. crafting shakuhachi is my way of life and it all begins with bamboo.

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The true sound of bamboo – Jinashi and Jimori

The true sound of bamboo is boundless variety, from which I handcraft Jinashi and Jimori natural bamboo bore shakuhachi (地無し•地盛り). In order to bring about harmony, I carefully work each unique bamboo bore by making small, yet crucial adjustments at key points. They stand in stark contrast to Jiari aka Jinuri and ‘cast-bore’ type shakuhachi which completely fill and form the inside of bamboo with paste or glue into a shape which is not found in bamboo naturally.

In a sense, handcrafting my Jinashi and Jimori natural bamboo bore shakuhachi is like brushing original oil paintings. Conversely, producing Jiari or Jinuri and ‘cast-bores’ is similar to copying one image, over and over again. Of course, all of these methods deserve equal respect and contribute to the total variety of shakuhachi we can enjoy. With my work, I simply wish to celebrate bamboo, both inside and out. Please enjoy the wonderful diversity. I hope you’ll find that some of my shakuhachi for sale resonate with you, Josen

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