Saying Bye to the Bell Shakuhachi


I mentioned in my newsletter recently that the time’s come for me to retire from making the current iteration of the Bell Shakuhachi. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who reached out to show their support, understanding, and appreciation for my work.

In 2020 I hired an assistant, my fiancé who’s an artist in her own right. She did coloring, sanding the line down the back, painting, and lending me a much needed hand. I wouldn’t have made it to the end of the huge waiting list without her. Thanks to all of the Bell Shakuhachi sales, we were able to afford our life and stay safe from COVID.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who supported the work and for the kind words of support and appreciation. I look forward to designing the next incarnation of Bell Shakuhachi.

PS Out of the final batch of ten Bell Shakuhachi one went home to a Japanese person in Ibaraki prefecture which is just North of Tokyo.


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